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Keratosis pilaris can be a harmless skin problem yet it changes an estimated 40% or even more of the adult inhabitants. Keratosis pilaris is a genetic follicular illness defined by little rough lumps on the skin. It typically happens on the back and external sides of the top arms, though, Keratosis pilaris may also appear on the upper thighs, buttocks or flanks. Also called Chicken skin, Keratosis pilaris happens when a hair follicle is connected with excessive keratin, which is just a natural protein in the skin. These plugged follicles resulting in small red bumps and rough patches sometimes become inflamed and irritated in the more serious cases.

Acne vulgaris is a result of sebum obstructing the pores, not keratin. Keratosis pilaris can also be not the same as acne in that’s might be worse in individuals with drier skin or in a far colder, drier surroundings. Kp bumps may prevent the hair from The Rectondemand growing out from the affected follicle leading to an ingrown hair. Keratosis pilaris rubric – an even more red and inflamed kind. Keratosis pilaris rubric face – a red rash on the cheeks. Keratosis pilaris alba – lumps without the infection or discomfort. The bad news is the fact that keratosis pilaris is not treatable – only treatable.


The key to managing keratosis pilaris is to dampen the keratin deposits in the skin. Keeping the keratin soft and exfoliating the affected areas may assist keep hair follicles to become plugged with keratin. Self-care measures will work for many individuals in at least increasing skin appearance and the quantity of bumps seen. This could aggravate the condition and do the bumps worse. For areas apart from the face, at least a 12% concentration is just preferred. A lactic acid lotion may soften keratin, exfoliate old skin debris and provide moisturization. Lactic acid is just a far naturally occurring humectant for the skin.

Utilize a humidifier if the air within your home is dry. Apply lotions to the skin whilst the skin is still damp from bathing. In case your keratosis pilaris is more serious, you’ll find prescription drugs which might help. Lac Hydrin – a far 12% lactic acid lotion to dampen keratin and encourage cell turnover. Topical retinoids – – encourages cell turnover stopping the follicle from becoming plugged – retinoids can cause skin irritation. Carmelo or Kerala – loosens old skin debris and softens dry skin Topical corticosteroids – often recommended as a brief treatment term due to the potential adverse effects, corticosteroid ointments are anti-inflammatory.